Guidance Counselors are student advocates as well as a resource to the school and community for information having to do with student welfare related to education at the middle school level.

When you see your child's schedule they should have the following courses:
Math, Social Studies, English, and Science.

If your child has Special Education Services you may see a Resource Room or Support Time listed on his/her schedule.
We will not be making schedule changes unless a course is missing.
Please contact us with any questions regarding student schedules. We are looking forward to an exciting year!


Guidance Phone:607-763-8413

Bobbi Jo Ocker, School Counselor for students with last names ending in A-L

Angela Briggs, School Counselor for students with last names ending in M-Z

Role of the School Guidance Counselor:

The school counselor is the primary case manager for all of the students in the school. He or she provides a developmental, proactive guidance program to all students. The program promotes the mental health necessary for academic success, self-sufficiency and responsible community membership.

In New York State, professional School Counselors hold master’s degree plus 30 hours of further education with state certification. School Counselors have a strong understanding of how children develop and learn. They are certified in grades K-12.
Each level carries varied responsibilities, but there are three primary developmental areas the school counselor focuses on:

Career skills: School Counselors introduce and enhance students’ skills in areas of career preparation. They teach students about their interests and help them understand how to transfer their skills into the world of work.

Academic skills: School Counselors help students to understand and enhance their academic progress. They offer assistance in study skills as well as other strategies to help students be successful.

Personal/social skills: School counselors work with students to aid them in building positive relationships with others. They help students understand themselves so that they may be mentally healthy. They teach skills such as anger management, stress reduction and general life coping strategies.

The school counselor coordinates school, community and district resources for the development of students in all skill areas. The school counselor works with families and their children when referrals to special programs, specialists, and community agencies are in need.

The WMS Guidance Office is open when school is in session.  For assistance, please call 607-763-8413 to speak with a guidance counselor. 


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